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In a sunless world bound by an ancient blood curse, innocent men, women and children are often slaughtered in search of a woman whose blood is believed to be the key to the resurrection of the sun.

After becoming an orphan at the age of seven, Dimitri is taken in by a kind stranger and his naive young daughter, Nyja. Over time, Dimitri develops a secret love for Nyja, but he fears she sees him as nothing more than the wretched brother he pretends to be. His love for Nyja intensifies when the two of them realize the truth behind an old fable that thrusts them into a journey of sacrifice and self-discovery.

Join them on their journey as Dimitri chooses between the unrequited love he harbors for Nyja and a world that yields freely of itself.

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***Please note that this Wikia is bound to contain spoilers.

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